Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a Tricolor flag in Motion.

On the occasion of 68th Republic day.
In this tutorial, I am trying to create the Tri-colour flag in motion using Photoshop. But not only this effect is used for flag can be used for anything.

the final output will be the

Step 1 : First thing first choose your images a. Tri-colour flag image b. fabric image, you can use mine also…

Step 2: Put both the images in Photoshop.

tricolor flag and fabric image in photoshop

Select the fabric image and apply Gaussian Blur (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) and experiment with the radius to hide the detail of the fabric, keeping only the folds

Step 3: Save

Save the work as tricoloflag.psd

Make sure you save it as .psd file so further steps will work properly

save as psd file

Step 4: Apply the effect on flag.

Select the flag image.

Apply the displacement map filter to your flag with your fabric photo  (Filter > Distort > Displace)

And select your tricolorflag.psd then selecting flag layer apply Hard light filer to the flag layer


The final output should be the same as below image.tricolorflag

Inspiration from


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