95% resolution are broken before 15 jan.

Our resolution should be I want to do this and not I will stop doing this…..,


 Our life long goal should be to improve our self. Don’t change yourself becoz changes are automatic so do progress.

List down areas you want to improve.

Continuous Progression on your resolution if you fail restart it

If you have big desire and want to make it your Resolution start with simple things.



  1. observation (thoughts, working style)
  2. Understanding (apply to situation)
  3. Practice and Implement in your life.

Get experience (good and bad ) and that’s learning.

Do what you like…


If you dont like to run early in the morning dont do that find the thing that you do like and implement in your life.

so it wont happen like this


Now lets come to my resolution this year one of  my resolution is starting a blog. So I started with this simple blog you too define your resolution and start with simple things.

If you get habit of doing small things one day you will amaze the word. cheeeers !!!!

Thanks for reading this is just simple blog from my side.



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