#chooseyourside Dark side ?? light side.

Awaken The Force Within You….

Be hold and Attack


In preparation for the release of Episode VII in just a few weeks’ time, Google has partnered with Lucasfilm and Disney to bring the Star Wars experience into just about every Google app and service around. Fans can pick between the light side and the dark side on google.com/starwars and apps like Maps, Search, and Gmail will begin to transform to reflect their chosen path.

Google lets users choose between the Dark Side and the Light Side with Star Wars tweaks to Gmail, Maps and more



But Google claims that this is just the beginning. Clay Bavor, the VP of Product Management at Google, says he hopes to continue adding to the experience by recreating the Millennium Falcon in virtual reality through Cardboard or even having Google Translate decipher Wookiee Speak and other languages from the Star Wars universe — here’s to hoping for some sort of  integration. The die-hard fans at Google have also hidden several easter eggs for users to find, and it wouldn’t be the first time


The search giant will let users choose the Dark Side or the Light Side for all their Google-based activities, from putting expansive Star Wars images as the background for Gmail windows to using a TIE fighter as the car in Google Maps.

Users can choose at a special site Google created for the occasion. The site shows the proportion of users choosing the Dark or Light side, and currently the Dark Side is winning.


The experience will work across Android, iOS, and the web, so head on over to the Star Wars landing page and choose your side to begin the adventure.


I tried the both and whats the effects have a look of gmail. enjoy…..

This is what in Dark side is…..

and this is what in light side is….

Hope you enjoy
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I hope you enjoy the artical…


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