The moment your life changed forever

The moment your life changed forever
The moment your life changed forever

I can remember that February morning like it was Monday, the morning sun was beaming on me with an excellence like I had never experience before.

This particular morning was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life as today I am going performed an event. I did many performances before but this was special one because this event is going to decide capability of our whole batch.

The moment leading up to my arrival at the college felt like lifetime–everything seemed to playing in slow motion. I still remember color of leaves on trees. The sound my heart beats are louder than the announcements. The show started.

I still remember the first three words of how I started the show “Good Morning JCET.”  And I saw the happiness on audience faces. The time was with me because audience who were out of the auditorium coming back to watch the show this moment I will never remember as it shows me what I can do.

Everyone was enjoying the show including me. One thing I didn’t realize was the disappearance of fear and nervousness inside me. I took the audience at the highest pick-point of fulfillment and with their permission I ended the show.

The moment your life changed forever
The moment your life changed forever

My cast and crew lift me up and I remember thinking of myself… “Ok, this is it”. Word’s can’t describe the amount of Happiness I have for my ability to do everything. It was those few moments that forever changed who I am supposed to be.

I just prepared this Essay for some competition and wanted to post on this blog too.

this can be example for someone essay writting. Be Happy.


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