Give time to Yourself – Plan your New Year Career- And share it Here.

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Let’s Start Doing This. Share your New year Goals And plans to accomplish them


Lets Have E_cup_of_Tea
Lets Have E_cup_of_Tea

If the past year has been less than spectacular, put it all behind you. The beginning of a new year is always filled with hope and promise. Start afresh with these practical how-tos on bolstering your career.

  1. Update your resume. Make it a habit to spiff up your CV at the start of each year. Recall all achievements in the past year and include them in your resume. If a great opportunity arises, you simply have to tailor your resume to a specific job rather than make a total rewrite.

  2. Do a self-analysis. Now is the moment to take a closer look at your work situation and consider if a job, or even a career, change is in order. If your job has reached the end of its “life cycle”-no clear path for promotion, no growing in your present role, etc.-it may be time to explore your options.

  3. Snatch career planning time. Sneak in 30 minutes of career management every week by giving up one TV show. Make productive use of that period to plot ways to improve your skills, widen your professional network and achieve your goals.

  4. Give your career a boost. For just 10 minutes a day, read an industry article, record your accomplishments or learn something new on the job-anything that will help rev up your work life. If you’re seeking a change, update your references list, apply for one job a day, or brush up on your interviewing skills.

  5. Improve one particular skill. Whether it’s learning a second language, mastering a computer program or overcoming oral reporting fears, resolve to work on it this year. Plan the steps needed to achieve your goal and go for it.

  6. Study for study’s sake. Make learning a lifelong undertaking. It may not help you in your present occupation, but it may expand your horizon or come in handy for future jobs. Plus, your mind stays sharp, your confidence level rises and you grow for the better.

  7. Network actively. This is the best time to renew ties with your contacts and wish them the best in the coming year. Resolve to join at least one professional organization this year. You can never have too many network contacts to help in your career growth.

  8. Take a retreat. Time off from work will ensure your continued productivity, positive outlook and overall health. Make a vow that this year you won’t let your vacation leave go unused again and get forfeited. Map out your R&R plans well in advance to encourage you to commit to them.

  9. Indulge in “me” time. Revive your spirits by scheduling a chunk of time daily for some relaxation activities. Read, work out, take regular walks, have lunch with a friend, window-shop, or meditate. If self-indulgence fills you with guilt initially, start out weekly then gradually increase your frequency.


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